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Hubcap Creatures

Unequivocally modern, these lovingly crafted hubcap sculptures, constructed by hand entirely from stray hubcaps found at the side of roads, breathe a new lease of life into everyday items that would otherwise invariably find their way into landfill sites.

Little information concerning the artist is provided on the linked website, so we are unable to correctly credit the artist here, however we can relay the fact that, as well as selling ‘off the shelf’ works (not an especially apt term, as each of these sculptures are truley unique) the artist is open for commissions.

Hubcap Creatures Detail2

Sure to serve as inspirational conversational pieces as well as to convey your green credentials (even if they are few) the Hubcap Creatures website currently has a number of designs currently available for immediate purchase, with prices ranging from around £220 to £520 (which, at the time of writing, equates to around $435 – $1030 / €297 – €701 respectively).

[Via UnCrate]

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