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Wattson Wireless Electricity Monitor

With energy bills constantly rising and our general energy consumption levels enduring evermore scrutiny it has never made more sense, either from an ecological or financial perspective, to monitor our energy consumption with view to draining less recourses needlessly – and this stylish gadget, known as the Wattson, will help you do just that.

The Wattson, which, with its sleek, contemporary, clean lines is hardly a device you’ll want to hide away at the back of the sofa, offers immediate feedback concerning your energy consumption levels thanks to communicating wirelessly with a sensor hooked up to your home’s electricity supply.

Wattson Wireless Electricity Monitor Detail

Small enough to be highly portable, the Wattson operates in two modes, the first offering immediate feedback as to you current, real-time power consumption and the second offering a continuously calculated prediction of your yearly electricity bills based on current usage – the idea being that, armed with up –to-the-minute information concerning your present consumption levels should help you put in place behaviour modifications with the results being immediately apparent.

Features include a coloured mood light that ‘breaths and pulses’ and changes colour according to present consumption levels – from blue through to red – as well as a digital display that seemingly hovers on the upper surface of the unit providing instantaneous feedback. The Wattson even has the ability to offer an historical record of your electricity usage, allowing you to see to what extent any energy saving measures you’ve put into place are working in practice.

A great gadget for the home that’s certain to prove quite an eye opener concerning your use of energy, the Wattson Wireless Electricity Monitor retails for around £150 (approximately $201 / €269 at the time of writing).

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