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Issey Miyake OVO Minimalist Wrist Watch

The basic premise behind e-Potpourri is that, if it’s not cool it simply isn’t going to make it onto the site, and whilst we have featured many extremely cool wrist watches to date there is one watch that, until now, we haven’t featured; which is nothing less than a crime bearing in mind that, certainly as far as we are concerned, the watch concerned – Issey Miyake’s OVO Minimalist Wrist Watch – is quite possibly the coolest watch we’ve ever come across, in the world, ever.

Issey Miyake OVO Minimalist Wrist Watch Green

We could, of course, just feature imagery of Issey Miyake’s startlingly beautiful OVO wrist watch here and leave it at that, as mere words cannot do justice to the supremely minimalist masterstroke of design that the OVO undoubtedly is, but we’ll battle on and offer you a little detail though, we suspect that you’re so busy looking at the images you probably won’t even get around to reading this (and we certainly won’t be holding that against you).

Issey Miyake OVO Minimalist Wrist Watch Black

Designed by Shunji Yamanaka, the OVO (which, incidentally, translates as ‘egg’ in Portuguese) and retails for around $346 / £175 /€236 from leading, high-end watch stores, is battery operated, offers waterproofing to depths of 100 meters and comes with either back or highly polished stainless steel casing and with either green or black face.

We’ll break with tradition here on EP and start the voting with a straight 10 though, of course, as is always the way on EP, ultimately the final score is down to you. Are you going to echo our sentiments with your voting? Have we got it wrong? Time will tell – in your capable hands we trust.

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