Technologically Enhanced UV-C Vacuum Cleaner

Whilst standard vacuum cleaners are more than capable of removing dust and, to a great extent (depending on the device’s filter) allergens from floor surfaces they will leave a host of undesirable, unseen health issues in their wake – such as viruses and bacteria.

This UV-C vacuum cleaner, apart from boasting a HEPA filter capable of filtering partials as small as 0.3 microns and a powerful 6 ¼ amp motor takes cleaning to the next level, however, thanks to utilising the same technology as found in hospitals to sterilise surgical equipment to kill an astounding 99.9% of bacteria and viruses as well as dust mites, flea eggs and mold.

Coming complete with a belt driven brush bar to help remove engrained dirt as well as stubborn pet hair and a detachable cleaning hose to help you hone in on those otherwise hard to reach areas, the UV-C Vacuum Cleaner, which retails for around $500, comes with a UV-C bulb offering an operational endurance of 8000 hours.

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