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Hungry Piggy Bank

To be honest we did question quite whether this should be featured here on EP but, having asked ourselves the all important question (‘Do we think it’s cool?’) and coming back with a resounding ‘yes’ we decided that this Hungry Piggy Bank that actually chews your coins prior to swallowing them should indeed be featured. (Needless to say, we’ll be interested as to how the voting goes in order to gauge whether this admittedly fun item subsequently gains your discerning approval).

The Hungry Piggy Bank, which, though not quite as desirable an item as the previously featured Pork Knox, is certainly sure to appeal to children of all ages as well as help inspire them to save. Battery operated, the device contains a motion sensor in its mouth that, on detecting the insertion of a coin, will proceed to chop away on the coinage, whilst producing suitably piggish sound effects, prior to digesting it for later retrieval.

Hungry Piggy Bank Detail

Teaching children the value of saving is not the easiest of lessons to press home but we don’t doubt that, with the Hungry Piggy Bank as an all too willing accomplice, it’s probably going to be a great deal easier and that, in itself, is cause enough for us to over a heads up here concerning the product.

[Source | Josh Spear]

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