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Raft Recliner

Dave Trubridge states that his inspiration comes from ‘where seas break on beaches’ and ‘where land and air meet on mountain ridges’ and, perusing Dave’s designs, you can see why, as his work offers an honest simplicity that serves to celebrate nature in its truest essence.

Dave’s work, in truth, looks like it may have been happened across whilst ambling along one of the beaches or hillsides that he cites as his inspiration. In fact you could be forgiven for assuming that his creations have been conjured by Mother Nature herself and simply left for Dave to discover as he treks through the wilderness – though, of course, to say this would be to ignore the refreshing honesty of Dave’s work and the complete unpretentiousness of his design ethic.

Smile Recliner

In truth, the fact that Dave’s work takes on an air of being a gift from nature merely happened across is undoubtedly its true charm as, whilst many designers would look to expand upon the designs and push the creative process further, this would, arguably, merely serve to wholly dilute its refreshing innocence and its beautifully realised organic charm.

Glide Recliner

In case you haven’t fathomed it yet, and if the fact that we’ve opted to feature no less than four images in this post hasn’t also served to give the game away, we hold Dave’s work in the highest of esteem and, whilst we could have opted to present any of his work here (and would take extreme pleasure in doing so) we decided to feature his family of rocking recliners which, as pictured, consist of the Raft Recliner, the Smile Recliner, the Glide and the Sling (described as a floor hammock) – all of which are formed from a mixture of ash, beech, teak and stainless steel.

Sling Recliner

You can see Dave’s full portfolio of work via Dave Trubridge Design – and, if organically inspired design is something that particularly appeals to you, we would especially urge you to do so.

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