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Mixtape USB Memory Stick

Back in the days when I was knee high to a lamppost – its amazing what growth hormones will do – I spent many an hour putting together carefully crafted ‘megamixes’ on compact cassettes which I passed to friends in order to impress them with my eclectic tastes in music (the Stooges, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, et al) but, with the death of the compact cassette came the demise of the home grown megamix (the recipients of my own selections no doubt succumbing to mass euphoria) – but thanks to this nostalgia fuelled Mixtape USB Memory Stick we can once again, to some degree at least, attempt to force our musical tastes on others.

Mixtape USB Memory Stick Detail

In truth, of course, in being a USB flash drive, the experience is far removed from that of having a finger hovering over a cassette deck’s pause button in order to get as seamless a transition between tracks as possible without those annoying static clicks but, thanks to the clever packaging of this device, there’s no doubt that at the very least it will cause otherwise distant memories of ‘megamixing’ to come flooding back. The drive even comes with a suitably retro styled label on which to write the name of your mix.

Housed in a flip top case that resembles a well worn cassette tape and provided complete with index card, the Mixtape USB Memory Stick, which offers 64MB of capacity (equivalent to a C60 in terms of play time) is available in six designs and retails for £20 (approximately $40 / €28).

How Cool is This? You Decide.


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