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Man Adrift Surreal Desk Clock Sculpture

The moment we saw this Man Adrift On A Rock Surreal Clock Sculpture we immediately wondered where the ‘artist’, Pascale Judet, got the inspiration for this clock. No, actually, that’s not true, as it’s so very evidently the Surrealist Master René Magritte.

What we did wonder, however, is whether to post about this particular ‘Surreal Clock Sculpture’ as to say that it’s got us hot under the collar is somewhat an understatement (I say this having focused on Surrealism for many, many years of my life and writing a paper on the movement for my BA(H) at Goldsmiths’ College, University of London– so it’s not a subject I’m altogether unfamiliar with).

The problem we have with this item is that, apart from being a poor Magritte inspired object of little, if any, merit the artist seems to have either little or no understanding whatsoever concerning what exactly the term Surrealism means or what, as an art movement , it stood for, as this is about as surreal as something that is ostensibly not surreal in the least.

Yes we like the idea, but, really, we would suggest that, prior to tagging a clock with the term ‘surreal’ those concerned indulge in a little far from light reading – .

It’s items such as this that inspire us to look into the possibilities of introducing negative voting here at e-Potpourri (I’m now going outside to pace up and down until I calm down).

You’ll excuse us for not linking to the product site (we have no desire to be complicit).

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