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Real Wax LED Candles

Seemingly aimed at those who simply cannot resist modern takes on traditional solutions, or those with a particular aversion to fire, these LED candles are made from real wax offering the associated ambience of real candlelight, complete with artificial flickering, without the need for a flame.

Real Wax LED Candle Selection

Safe to use around small children, and, of course, totally wind proof (thus allowing for outdoor use) and available in a range of sizes in both square and cylindrical formats, each LED Candle comes with an on off switch complete with integral timer and will ‘burn’ for up to 500 hours on a single set of batteries.

Believe it or not, they even come with a vanilla scent.

The Real Wax LED Candles retail for around $16.95 each.

How Cool is This? You Decide.


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