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Micropolis Knossos2 Modern Modular Based Sculptural Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery we very much favour the modern, minimalist approach or, at the very least, something that differs from the established norms (like the previously featured Breath Capture Jewellery, for example), and this Knossos.2 Modules jewellery from Brandon Perhacs’s Micropolis collection certainly ticks all the right boxes as far as we are concerned.

Billed as being both sculptural and architectural on a miniature scale, each Knossos.2 module is hand made by the artist himself using stainless steel, rare earth magnets and Paperstone (described as being ‘a composite of recycled paper and non petroleum water based resin’) which, due to its modular form positively encourages the wearer’s participation in the creative process.

Micropolis Knossos2 Modular Jewellery

Thanks to the use of magnets which are embedded in four sides of each unit the individual modules can be fashioned to create a series of truly original items of jewellery serving as necklaces and/or earnings that undoubtedly ooze class in a decidedly inspiring, cutting edge fashion for those unafraid to make a statement.

The Micropolis Knossos.2 Modules Jewellery is available with either a black or brown finish and retails fro $120 though it’s unclear whether this price is based on per module basis (we reasonably assume it is).

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