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Cardboard Self Build Childrens Playhouse by Nume

There’s just something about this build it yourself playhouse designed by Nume that we love.

Perhaps it’s the playfulness that appeals, or perhaps it’s the fact that, in being constructed of cardboard, children can let their imaginations run free and, armed with a marker pen or paints, decorate their own min home within a home to their heart’s content.

Cardboard Kids Playhouse

Known as House 1, the self assembly children’s playhouse measures in at 35.5” x 39.25” x 46” and comes complete with opening windows and door (though further windows and doors ought to be easy to add with the careful use of a sanely knife).

House 1 retails for $149 inclusive of ground shipping to US and Canadian addresses though we’re unable to establish whether the cardboard used in its construction is recycled (still, as far as disposal is concerned, with a little care it undoubtedly offers the potential to be more green than most other children’s playhouses).

How Cool is This? You Decide.


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