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Chikuno Cube Modern Minimal Designer Air Freshener

Whilst the market is saturated by air freshening solutions, from sprays to plug-ins to specialised conditioning units, on the whole, in terms of style, the vast majority of them (excluding the previously featured, and quite beautiful, IonFlow) would hardly take pride of place on a coffee table – unlike this beautifully simple and elegantly stylish and 100% environmentally friendly Chikuno Cube.

A modern take on a traditional remedy to odours, the Chikuno Cube, which measures 41mm squared and weighs in at a mere 30 grams, is manufactured from bamboo charcoal – a substance known for its air freshening qualities – which, according to the product page, will not only serve to absorb odours with great aplomb but will remove excess moisture from the air and even absorb ions (hence could be an ideal solution for use in computer rooms).

And, on account of the Chikuno Cube being a safe, natural solution, its completely safe for use with foodstuffs or even for fridges.

We think you’ll agree that, unlike the hideous plastic plug-in affairs routinely advertised on television, the Chikuno Cube is one air freshener you won’t want to tuck out of sight.

The Chikuno Cube bamboo charcoal air freshener retails for ¥3150 – which is approximately $27 / £13 / €19.

How Cool is This? You Decide.


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2 Responses to “Lima Non-Invasive Blood Sugar Analyzer”

  • Richard in Kunming Says:

    I like it – alot! The design doesn’t exactly look like it will blend in with anything, but I don’t think it will stick out much either. I (like most I expect) have several friends with varying degree’s of diabetes. This could be a fantastic product – hope it makes it!

  • Admin Says:

    Hello Richard,

    Let’s hope that in some small way we’re helping the Lima to be ‘out there’ thus increasing the chances of a backer stepping in to offer the required funding as I don’t don’t this would be not only a great commercial success but, also, a godsend for those with the condition.