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IonFlow Filterless Air Purifying Ambient Light

It is difficult to think of air purifiers as being items of desirability until you see this sleek IonFlow 50F Air Purifier designed by Michael Malmborg for LightAir with its striking, minimalist design and ice blue down lighting effect.

Reassuringly, the IonFlow Air Purifier’s beauty in more than just skin deep as the highly efficient unit is proven to remove more than 99% of airborne pollutants – such as smoke, dust, bacteria and allergens – from an average sized room in less than five hours without producing any ozone and without even using a filter.

And, with the collected pollutants collecting on the outside of the unit’s aluminium ring it’s easy to see when the unit requires cleaning by simple wiping away the collected material with a soft cloth.

IonFlow Filterless Air Purifying Ambient Light Detail

Add to the above that the IonFlow Air Purifier also comes complete with an ice blue down lighting function that can be switched on and off at will and, we think you’ll agree, this is far removed from the uninspiring boxed affairs that our minds conjure at the very mention of air purifiers.

The IonFlow 50F Air Purifier retails at $495.

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