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Mario Botto Designer Single Hand Watch

A few years back the trend appeared to be to overcomplicate just about everything and, as I recall, wrist watches did not escape unscathed, the result being a plethora of buttons and functions that few actually ever required and instruction manuals the weight of DVD players.

These days, in no small part due to electronics giants such as Philips, the trend is to unburden devices from unnecessary functions and to present technology in a simple and evermore intuitive and accessible fashion.

The above may seem to be somewhat unrelated to this minimalist wrist watch from designer Mario Botto but perhaps it’s really rather more related than at first may appear as the minimal design of this wrist watch serves to acutely focus on the watch’s function whilst stripping away unnecessary elements – though not at the expense of function and usability.

Mario Botto Designer Single Hand Watch Detail

So, gone is any sign of numbering, with the watch relying instead on our preconceived idea of a clock face and its ‘time zones’ and gone is the second hand as we traditionally know it. Instead Mario Botto’s wrist watch offers a simple single hand and an indicator in place of a second hand that moves around the clock’s face.

It’s elegant, its undoubtedly beautiful is its understatement and its impeccably stylish without even the faintest sign of vulgarity and we love it.

Mario Botto’s Minimalist Wrist Watch retails for 266,000 Korean Won which equates to around $287 / £141 / €210 at the time of writing.

How Cool is This? You Decide.


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