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F4 Phantom Afterburner Coffee Table

Has your coffee table ever exceeded Mach 1?

Unlike any furnishings you have in your house, this distinctive coffee table, in being constructed from components of an F4 Phantom aircraft’s afterburner, known as ‘afterburner cans’, undoubtedly has.

Available from InterFlight Studio, who specialise in using decommissioned aircraft parts to create unique furnishings that are sure to have any aviation buff positively drooling, the F4 Afterburner Coffee table is part of an extensive collection of furnishings utilising aircraft parts that includes wonders such as the C-130 Wing Coffee Table, the Boeing 707 Wheel Table and even Tip Tank Easy Chairs.

Small Bomb Coffee Table

And, if you’re looking for a table that is sure to get your guests talking, what about the Small Bomb Table, as pictured above?

Pricing starts from $250, and you can view the extensive range of furnishings recycled from decommissioned aircraft parts via the InterFlight Studio website.

How Cool is This? You Decide.


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