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Lima Non Invasive Blood Sugar Analyzer

The designer of the Lima, Damian Mackiewicz, states on his website that, according to research undertaken by WHO (the World Health Organization), 180 million people worldwide currently suffer from diabetes, with the condition being directly attributable for a sobering 1.1 million deaths in 2005.

With this in mind, Damian set to work on designing a blood sugar monitor that is both convenient to use (non-invasive) and highly portable – the result being the Lima.

Utilising infrared technology, the Lima works by directing infrared light through the skin into the user’s blood stream, with the reflected light being assessed by the Lima’s onboard monitor to discern current blood sugar levels. As a consequence the device can be employed at any time, unlike more traditional invasive and somewhat unpleasant means of blood testing, with the user being informed of the results via the Lima’s OLED screen.

Lima Non Invasive Blood Sugar Analyzer Detail

The Lima Non-Invasive Blood Sugar Analyzer is at the concept stage at the time of writing, though we can only hope that this clever, stylish device will attract sufficient backing to see it make it into production.

[Source | Coroflot via Pryllkoll]

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